Reasons why people have the wrong clothes

As part of my dive into the literature of clothes, I made a list of reasons why experts say that people buy and keep clothing that makes them unhappy. This is a good reminder of when to pass, even if it feels like you should not pass, on things.

  • When your lifestyle has changed but you don’t want to admit it
  • Because it makes you feel bad about yourself for some reason (uncomfortable shoes, a stiff blazer…)
  • Because you think it’s supposed to fit or look differently on you than it actually does (see above)
  • Because you think you’re “supposed to” look good in it
  • Because you need it to be successful
  • Because you don’t want to admit that it is no longer in style or that more time has passed than you are willing to admit since acquiring it.
  • Because you’re afraid of not having anything at all to wear
  • Because you’re afraid you won’t find something better
  • Because you’re afraid of making a fashion mistake or of wearing things that are not age-appropriate through your own choices
  • Because you’re afraid you don’t deserve better
  • Because you think that you’re supposed to have a certain look to match your perceived status

Here is a nice overview of things to do instead of shopping, and here is “the closet confidence challenge.”