Happy 2018!

Things that may have been heard during my Winter Holidays:

I got trekking poles for Hanukkah! I can go anywhere.

Let’s hope we have a White Christmas.

We can’t wait to see the cousins! I can’t believe that Neige and The Prophet are now the older cousins.

This is the year that I embrace being the friend who is bad at wrapping presents.

Jigsaw puzzles are really addictive, and communal.


Luke’s already saved the universe once, so it must be someone else’s turn. (And if we’re honest, we all wanted to go to Tashi Station.)

“Learn/teach from your failures,” is great advice, but books are Yoda’s enemy.

Oh, and on that note: you occasionally try to tell me that unpeeled avocado slices on a bed of fucking limes is food.

-15 Celsius with wind is really cold.

The thing that I want most for the holidays is a new fish tank, with real fish.

We have 8 new fish! Their names are Frey, Freya, Odin, Noir, Mr. Glowy-right, Mr. Glowy-left, Mr. Glowy-middle, and Mr. Glowy-straight.

2018 has got to be better than 2017. So says Catherynne Valente.

My New Year’s resolution is to meditate every day.

We have 5 fish!

We have 3 fish!

We gave Noir a Viking funeral.